The Importance Of Automatic And Manual Transmission Fluids

Transmission fluid is thicker and lasts longer than engine oil, and if you drive more miles or at faster speeds than the average person, it won’t last as long. You may start experiencing problems on the road if your vehicle is in need of transmission fluid. Most likely, you will notice problems occurring with the vehicle when you try to switch gears or accelerate. If you are in sudden need of transmission fluids, Lester Prairie drivers can find the best replacement lubricant at SynTech Lubrication, LLC.

A vehicle in need of automatic and manual transmission fluid will jerk and stop while driving. This is known as “slipping.” If you notice these problems, take the vehicle to the dealership or mechanic. If you notice pink fluid on the ground under your vehicle, more than likely the vehicle is leaking transmission fluid. A mechanic will let you know if you need transmission fluid or if you have a leak. There is a big difference between automatic and manual transmission, so it is very important to make sure the right fluid goes into the transmission. Unlike changing the vehicle’s engine oil, changing the transmission fluid is a little more complicated and requires the assistance of a professional mechanic.

AMSOIL Premium Transmission Fluids sold by SynTech Lubrication, LLC are considered one of the highest quality transmission fluids on the market. The company has a variety of transmission fluids for automatic and manual transmissions, depending on the type of vehicle and your driving needs. If you are in need of new transmission fluids, Lester Prairie residents can explore our site to view our inventory.