Helping Lester Praire Residents Understand Gear Lube

SynTech Lubrication, LLC is your one-stop shop for gear lube. Lester Prairie residents can rely on us to supply quality gear lube, a lubricating motor oil used in a vehicle’s transmission, differentials, and transfer cases to prevent metal-on-metal contact that would render a vehicle inoperable.

Transmissions are responsible for shifting gears, which add a level of complexity to an engine because they have to use engine-based power to distribute control of the wheels’ rotation and the speed at which the car is being driven. Although it’s thicker than engine oil and lasts longer, your car’s manual transmission’s gear oil should be changed every 30,000 – 60,000 miles. As the gears and mechanisms of the engine wear out, metal shavings begin to mix with the lubricant. If these particles are not drained, the sludge build-up can shorten the life of your entire transmission system. It is recommended that motorcycle gear oil be replaced every 3,800 miles because it depletes more quickly.

If you need to change your gear lube, Lester Prairie residents can count on us to handle your vehicle. We know exactly which gear lube brand is best for your car or motorcycle. At SynTech Lubrication, LLC, we use the best transmission oil on the market.

Severe Gear Synthetic Extreme Pressure

Severe Gear Synthetic Off Road Drag Racing

Long Life Synthetic Gear Lube

80W-90 Synthetic Gear Lube

Synthetic Marine Gear Lube

Slip Lock