AMSOIL Farm Equipment Products

Drivetrain Fluids

Premium synthetic drivetrain lubricants reduce wear, extend service life and maximize fuel economy.

Synthetic Transmission Fluids
AMSOIL synthetic transmission fluids withstand the rigors of high-torque, heavily loaded tractors and other equipment. They maintain viscosity for reduced gear and bearing wear, helping increase equipment life. Their synthetic formulations resist oxidation, varnish formation and sludge build-up to provide superior cooling and protection.

Synthetic Gear Lubes
AMSOIL synthetic gear lubes feature naturally high film strength and premium additives that help shield gears from metal-to-metal contact for maximum wear control. Their low-friction formulations promote increased fuel efficiency and are designed to provide long oil, seal and equipment life.

Synthetic Greases
AMSOIL synthetic greases are engineered to remain in place better than conventional greases to provide reliable protection. They feature exceptional adhesion properties and superior friction-reduction abilities for long equipment life.

Synthetic Hydraulic/ Transmission Oil

AMSOIL Synthetic Tractor Hydraulic/Transmission Oil is sufficiently robust to protect heavily loaded transmissions and certain wet-brake ATV differentials, yet flows readily to provide dependable, smooth operation in hydraulic systems. Its all-weather formulation reduces the need for seasonal oil changes by resisting high-temperature breakdown during long summer hours and by remaining fluid
in sub-zero winter conditions. Synthetic Tractor Hydraulic/Transmission Oil resists corrosion, limits wear and promotes increased energy efficiency.

Synthetic Hydraulic Fluids

Superior synthetic hydraulic fluids provide outstanding all-season performance.

Increased Protection
AMSOIL synthetic hydraulic fluids are formulated to resist high-temperature breakdown, helping to keep hoses, valves and pumps clean and operating properly. They remain fluid in sub-zero temperatures to limit pressure spikes, unresponsiveness and other problems inherent to inferior fluids. AMSOIL synthetic hydraulic fluids are designed to withstand the stresses of high-load, high-pressure operation and inhibit foam, corrosion and deposits for long equipment life

AMSOIL Synthetic Anti-Wear Hydraulic Oil contains anti-wear additives and rust inhibitors to provide optimum protection for expensive equipment.

AMSOIL Synthetic Biodegradable Hydraulic Oil is designed to biodegrade to its natural state when subjected to sunlight, water and microbial activity. Replaces either ISO 32 or ISO 46 hydraulic fluids.

Heavy-Duty Air, Oil & By-Pass Filtration

Premium air, oil and by-pass filtration saves farmers money through better protection and extended service life.

Engine Protection
AMSOIL Ea® filters and Donaldson® Endurance™ filters trap a higher percentage of smaller wear particles than competitive filters to provide increased engine protection. High-efficiency air and oil filtration combined with ultra-fine
by-pass filtration and oil analysis can substantially increase equipment life and reduce maintenance costs.

Extended Service Life
When used with AMSOIL synthetic diesel oils, Ea and Endurance oil filters are guaranteed effective for up to twice the duration of original equipment manufacturer recommendations, while Endurance air filters last twice as long as conventional cellulose filters. The addition of an AMSOIL by-pass filtration system and an oil analysis program can extend drain intervals. AMSOIL heavy-duty filtration products provide maximum convenience and cost savings.

AMSOIL introduced the world’s first synthetic motor oil for diesel engines in 1975 and dramatically redefined the performance and protection available to farmers. Today, AMSOIL is the recognized leader in synthetic lubricant technology and offers a variety of exclusive synthetic diesel oil formulations, each tailored to meet the unique demands of hard- working farm equipment.

Protection and Performance

AMSOIL synthetic diesel oils reduce friction and wear, helping hard-working diesel engines perform better and last longer. They resist high-temperature breakdown to help prevent harmful deposits from forming, while remaining fluid in sub-zero temperatures for easier cold starts and faster circulation compared to conventional oils.

Maximum Fuel Economy
AMSOIL synthetic diesel oils’ advanced lubricity (slipperiness) results not only in enhanced performance and protection,
but optimum fuel efficiency as well. With less resistance to internal moving parts, engines are able to operate at peak efficiency and deliver maximum fuel economy.

Extended Drain Intervals

AMSOIL coined the phrase “extended drain interval” nearly 40 years ago. Advanced chemistries allow extended-drain AMSOIL synthetic diesel oils to remain effective up to three times longer than original equipment manufacturer (OEM) recommendations. Farmers benefit significantly through reduced oil costs and increased convenience due to fewer oil changes and less used oil disposal.

AMSOIL Diesel Fuel Additives & Engine Coolant

AMSOIL Cetane Boost Improves combustion efficiency to increase power in diesel engines.
Raises cetane up to seven numbers.

AMSOIL Cold Flow Improver Helps prevent icing or gelling in fuel. Reduces cold filter-plugging point as much as 34°F.

AMSOIL Diesel Concentrate Cleans fuel system components, increasing fuel economy by up to 5 percent.

AMSOIL Diesel Concentrate Plus Cold Flow Improver
Reduces cold filter-plugging point while maximizing fuel economy in one convenient package.

AMSOIL Diesel Recovery
Quickly liquefies gelled diesel fuel, thaws frozen fuel filters and reduces the need for a new filter.

AMSOIL Antifreeze & Engine Coolant
Surpasses standards for metallic cor- rosion and provides superior cooling and protection.